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By definition, we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. But really we are so much more than just a nonprofit label. We are dreamers, creators, and coaches who believe every individual, everywhere, is valuable and has the potential to lead positive change in their local community and beyond. 

Our mission is to provide access to the highest-quality leadership development experiences in order to empower the next generation of local and global leaders to positively impact the world. 

Our Program

B the Light is a leadership development program for students and young professionals ages 13-35.  Our program uniquely combines online leadership development activities, engagement in local community service, and culminates with an 8-14 day group leadership mission. B the Light programs take place over 6 to 12 months.
Our primary program objective is to significantly increases students and young professionals capacity to effectively lead others, locally and beyond. 

Participants meet with a leadership coach through video each week: anywhere, anytime. 

 Leadership skills learned online are applied in your local community through service.

Gain exposure to world issues through a group leadership mission abroad.

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Who's Involved


Programs open to students and young professionals ages 13-35. All groups are organized by age range and are co-ed unless specified.

Group Leaders

Group leaders must be at least 18 years old, have a minimum of 12 members, and will work alongside a BGood Coach.


Parent/guardian permission and encouragement is an essential requirement for participants in middle or high school.

By the Numbers

Average # of group members
Average # of service hours
Average Scholarship
Average # of days abroad


Learning about leadership, real-world problems, building confidence and the importance of education has undoubtedly brightened my entire life. I’ve learned the value of giving back to my community and it has made me so grateful for all that I have in my life. I can certainly say that without all of the important time that I have spent in the program, I would not be where I am today.


Chris L

Being a part of the program allowed me to push my limits. I was placed in an environment where I was able to do what I thought I was capable of and more. At the time I had these big ideas that I would share but never had the resources to act on it. Once joining the program it was no longer what I would do but how I could do it.


Brandon F

This program opened my eyes to a new world. I learned how privileged I am in some aspects of life, yet also how privileged the people of Haiti are in other facets of life compared to me. I now know that in community service, it is an exchange of labor, words, culture, feelings, and love.


Hefei L

Who Should Join

B the Light programs are specifically designed for students and young professionals who want to significantly increase their leadership capacity. Our programs are available for private groups of at least twelve members or individuals looking to join an open enrollment group. Below is a brief description of the type of participants we look to recruit for our programs. Sound like you?

  • has the desire to be a positive leader to their peers
  • is willing to learn from a leadership coach
  • is able to complete long-term commitments
  • is willing to serve in their local community
  • believes they bring value to any team
  • yearns to see and positively impact the world

The Statistics

Young people who were at-risk but had a leadership coach are: 
More likely to enroll in college
More likely to volunteer regularly
More like in becoming a leadership coach themselves
More likely to hold future positions of leadership

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