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I often wonder, “why develop leaders?” Who are these so-called leaders and what do they really do anyway? If you were to Google the word leader you’d come back with, “a person who leads or commands a group, organization or country.” Okay Google, I agree leaders are taking on positions to influence others but it’s a bit vague to use the word in its own definition. At least that’s what I’ve been taught. That definition also eludes exactly what activities, what actions these leaders are doing. When I first entered the leadership development field in my early twenties I found that question hard to answer precisely. There seemed to be dozens of ways researchers, organizations, universities and companies were defining leaders and leadership. I suppose there will always be different ways to define these words but after ten years in the field I’ve personally come to terms with my own definition of leadership. Let me explain through a couple short stories. The international outbreak of the SARS virus happened in 2002. Doctors and medical researchers detected, analyzed, collaborated, and then synthesised an antidote to the virus in just twelve weeks- twelve weeks! Sixteen nations around the world studied the outbreak, communicated each morning through video chat, shared research data through online file storage portals, and in less time it takes to complete one college semester, they solved a highly complex international virus outbreak with real world and real-life consequences. It is a remarkable testament to the impact people make when […]