BGood Collaborations: Partners with buildOn for a School-Build Haiti Project

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Non-profit collaborations have been a means for organizations to accomplish similar goals in a big way! The boost gained from such short term or long term collaborations can increase the overall efficiency and community outreach efforts, an organization intends to reach.

Our efforts to collaborate with other entities who share the same passion, vision, and purpose as we do, is one of the ways we create a strong positive social impact. With our B The Light program, our core mission to provide access to the highest-quality leadership development experiences in order to empower the next generation of local and global leaders.

To support our mission, BGood Worldwide’s first step has been to partner buildOn, a nonprofit organization who works to combat the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through global service and education. Through the engagement of participants in groups, The School-Build Haiti Project efforts will result in the construction of one primary school in Haiti. This school will serve over 400 children and adults from a rural community; acting as a catalyst for sustainable and positive community development.

This collaborative project is open to a variety of participants who seeks to 1) receive mentoring and a leadership development guidance, 2) to engage in their local community, and 3) to use their acquired resources in a global group service trip to build a school in Haiti. This spring, we will begin recruiting students from Nyack College to participate along with participants in our B the Light programs. We encourage individuals who seek to make a positive impact on their communities to get involved!

Nyack College is an educational institution well known for being diverse and creating ‘difference makers’ ready to take on the world. Focusing on five core values (academic excellence, global engagement, diversity, personal transformation, and social relevance), Nyack College has been able to integrate faith-based and spiritual learning into a community of mentorship culture amongst faculty and students. They strive to produce community and global leaders who seek change and are divergent in their efforts to produce that change.

Nyack College Students

We know the journey to completing the construction of the school in Haiti starts well before breaking ground in the winter/spring of 2020. There is personal development and academic growth to be done along the way. That’s why our project begins in the spring of 2019.

During that time all team participants will receive 30 minutes of online mentoring and a leadership education course each week. Our curriculum focuses on skill-building in four content areas; communication, problem-solving, technology, and resource-acquisition. Participants will also complete a 1 hour a week local community service effort in their surrounding areas to apply the skills gained from the leadership development curriculum.  We believe the combination of leadership development and local community service offers participants consistent support to development their unique leadership skills while also giving them an opportunity through The School-Build Haiti Project mission trip, to use those skills directly in a global community.

Our hope is that by partnering with variouys college and univerisity student such as Nyack College students, our project will make a positive impact for not only our participants, but the local community in which they will complete community service efforts, and the Haitian community that will benefit from the construction of a primary school.

buildOn: buildOn U.S. and Global work to combat the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through global service and education. Their program tackles critical issues within their surrounding communities, contributing services, and taking an ongoing commitment to immerse participants in a cultural experience. buildOn puts an emphasis on leadership and team building by engaging students in dynamic cultural workshops, deep reflection activities and thorough explorations of issues facing their host community.

To learn more about the great accomplishments of our partner buildOn, please visit their website at .

This project and partnership is made possible by the generous contribution by a grant, from the Ellis L. Phillips Foundation and knowing ‘what needs to be done’.

Ellis L. Phillips Foundation: The Ellis L. Phillips Foundation is a small family foundation dedicated to the ideals of Kathryn and Ellis Phillips, to identify “what needs to be done” and provide strategic investments in projects that serve as catalysts for the greater good. Their grants aim to make a sustainable contribution to charities and organizations, in which they have special knowledge and interest. As collaborators, the foundation makes investments in various industries such as environmental, human services, visual and music, historic preservation, philanthropy, and foundation- initiated projects.