B the Light

B the Light is a leadership development program for students and young professionals. Our program uniquely combines online leadership development, engagement in local community service, and culminates with an 8-14 day group leadership mission abroad. All programs take place over 6 to 12 months.
Our primary program objective is to significantly increase students and young professionals capacity to effectively lead others, locally and beyond.

How it Works

1. Getting Started

  • Select specific program
  • Apply online
  • Complete program video interview
  • Complete program commitment letter and deposit

2. Program Delivery

  • Weekly leadership coaching sessions
  • Online leadership education course
  • Local community service hours
  • Online reflections and fundraising

3. Mission Abroad

  • Flights, passports, visas, and vaccinations prep
  • In-country service hours
  • Cultural immersion activities
  • Post-mission photo book creation and share

Program Timeline = 6-12 months

Online Leadership Development

The first aspect of B the Light is online leadership development. This portion of the program consists of two weekly activities; 30 minutes of leadership mentoring through video chat and a leadership education course. Both activities are delivered through Google for Education which allows participants to engage in their leadership education anywhere, anytime. This platform also prepares participants to use valuable technology tools in order to lead in the 21st century. All mentoring sessions are pre-scheduled and the leadership education course is administered through Classroom

Local Community Service

As part of the program, participants commit to take the leadership skills they learn online and apply them in their local communities. This is the second aspect of B the Light. We believe this engagement in local communities is essential for developing local and global leaders. Participants are asked to make a 1-hour service commitment for each week of the program and are able to choose how, when, and where to fulfill their commitment. Participants also submit reflective writings about their service hours which are shared on their online donation pages.

Group Leadership Mission

The culminating component of B the Light is a group mission aboard. We believe firsthand exposure to foreign cultures, customs and concepts are critical for building strong communities, both locally and globally. Each mission is carefully planned around leadership, service, and cultural awareness activities. All missions are customized and planned to utilize the leadership skills learned earlier in the program. Post-mission activities include creating a photo journal of the mission which is then shared with local communities in order to promote diversity and inclusion. 

Fundraising for Travel Expenses

Learning to acquire and maximize resources is a critical skill set for any leader. Whether it is attracting attention for an important cause, hands-on volunteer help for a community project, or raising funds for project expenses; it is imperative for leaders to develop these skills in order to effectively drive positive impacts.

Developing these resource acquisition skills is a core part of who we are, why we do what we do, and is what sets us apart from any other educational travel program. We know without learning these skills, including fundraising skills, this type of leadership development and travel opportunity would simply be too expensive for many participants.

That's why we believe weekly engagement over 6 to 12 months is so important. It allows the time necessary to support each participants leadership development and fundraising efforts week by week, month after month, dollar by dollar, so any aspiring leader, no matter what their economic background, has access to this type of leadership development experience.
That’s our purpose- to provide access to the highest-quality leadership development experience to the next generation of local and global leaders; no matter what their economic background.

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